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our limit is the sky

GTi Hamed GmbH (Global Trade and Investment GmbH) had changed its name to GTD GmbH (Global Trade and Development GmbH)

GTD GmbH is a private limited Investment company and financial advisory firm for Global Infrastructure and Energy Markets that provides finance to the infrastructure projects related services including Management, Consultancy and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and commercial projects focused on providing financial products and services to mature, emerging and frontier energy and infrastructure markets around the globe. When required we can also customize and structure our products and services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will continue to customize structure, create and implement funding products and services as the need requires. This has given GTD GmbH a substantial foundation of clients to build on, in addition to access to the markets that are most in need of the products and services we offer.

 We work in infrastructure project in mature, emerging and frontier markets to develop and fund green-field and brownfield infrastructure projects.

We work also as co-developer (seed capital investor) to infrastructure and energy project.

No destination is too far for our service.

We will be pleased to assist you no matter what your funding requirements are. If you have been turned down by banks or financial institutions, we can help. As project financiers, we pride ourselves in using creative ways to provide the funding you require during these difficult economic times.

We provide Venture Capital Funding all over the world, in numerous currencies. We have given life to projects that have gone on to create both wealth for their owners and secure jobs for workers in many countries.

We believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure must be maintained at all times and is essential to business today. We do not use our clients or their information to obtain new business, by disclosing their information to any other third parties.

Our professionalism and confidentiality towards our clients over the years, has allowed us to work with both governments, public listed companies, professional service providers and private project owners.

As we are a Worldwide Project Investment Group with a Private Fund and have our own private investor capital, we have the resources to fund projects globally. The minimum lending requirement is 1 Million USD|EURO|GBP to 1 Billion USD|EURO|GBP. We have the capability to fund upwards of 1 Billion USD|EURO|GBP by using our syndicated partners. GTD Group is able to offer low interest rates and if necessary a grace free period of repayment until a project has adequate cash flow. This is achieved by using our unique 100% Project Funding program, which is consists of 60% private lending and 40% private equity in the project.

Our leadership and reputation in the industry has never been stronger in our history than it is today. As a result we have established many long-term partnerships. Additionally we provide underwriting for commercial funding and related Reinsurance projects to non-affiliated financial and insurance entities.

Our projects

• Signing 350 contracts with several Iraqi ministries with total value of $1 billion which had been executed  by/or through GTD and its partners for export/import products , EPC ,procurement and processing of materials contracts, construction of stations and refineries contracts, and different supply projects.




Investment in rehabilitation and operation of the fertilizer plant in the northern Baiji / Iraq contract for 15 years with total investment value $150 million, www.northasmedabaiji.8k.com  done by 1st global company.

Management and operation of the Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad, the contract is for 25 years, with Royal tulip brand name, please visit www.royaltulipalrasheed.com  with total investment of $20 million.


Investment in private School in Amman-Jordan from kinder-garden  up to the level of grade 12,the school name is Al hassad Altarbawi school, please you can visit the website www.hts.jo. By golden spike for education and investment co. Total investment value of $30 million.

• Establish factory for producing drinking mineral water in Amman under the brand name (Whitey), the owner is Al Omar industrial co. With total investment value of $3.5 million 

GTD  development Projects
Investment sum
European specialized hospital
85.000.000 €
Refinery in port Sudan
382.500.000 €
Refinery in Akwa
382.500.000 €
892.500.000 €
New Kinshasa housing city
1.615.425.000 €
Solar power plant
South Sudan
739.500.000 €
New housing project
Burkina Faso
250.000.000 €
New Juba city
South sudan €
5.452.425.000 €


• We had executed EPC contract for three refinery in Iraq in Alnajaf Al-Nasriah And Al-smawah for Ministry of oil Iraq with capacity of 10.000 bpd total contract value $250mn

• We had sign EPC contract with Kurdistan government North of Iraq  to build substation in Ebril and Dohuk with $75mn

• We had signed High Tension Tower in Basra and Baghdad with total cost of $82m

Our Executive Team

Waleed Hamed


Fax : +49(0)91127449-20
Phone: +49(0)91127449-12

Work Experience

Waleed Hamed  has been in the Corporate Finance and Trading business since 1990. and has closed a considerable number of finance and trading transactions


Finished Bachelor Certificate in mathematical science in King Saud University Public university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1990.


• Arabic as mother language read and write

• English very good read and write

• Germany good in read and good in write

Core Skills:

• Creating investment and trading opportunities 

Werner Mathalm

Managing Director

Fax: +49(0)91127449-20
Phone: +49(0)91127449-12

Work Experience

Werner Mathalm  has been in the logistic and shipping business in management positions in U.K. and Germany for about 40 years


Finished Bachalaureous in business administration


• German as mother language read and write

• English fluent in read and write

• French good in read and write (A level)

Core Skills:

• Creating transactions and provide finances 

Auday Baldawi


Fax : +49(0)91127449-20
Phone: +49(0)91127449-12

Work Experience

Auday Baldawi  has been in the engineering and trading business since 1988 and has closed a considerable number of construction and trading transactions


Finished Bachelor Certificate in electrical engineering in university of Miami  in Florida, USA in 1987.


• Arabic as mother language read and write

• English very good read and write

Core Skills:

• Creating transaction and trading opportunities 

Yasmeen Shlaimon

assistance of CEO

Fax : +49(0)91127449-20
Phone: +49(0)91127449-12

Work Experience

Yasmeen Shlaimon has been as office manager and assistant for over 20 years


Finished Accountant Diplom in Iraq.


• Arabic as mother language read and write

• Assyrian as mother language read and write

• English good in read and write

• German good in read and write

Core Skills:

•  Creating transaction and trading opportunities